Sat at the Gate of Light

The Scott Monument is a Victorian Gothic monument to Scottish author Sir Walter Scott. The tower is 200 feet 6 inches (61.11 m) high, and has a series of viewing decks reached by a series of narrow spiral staircases giving panoramic views of central Edinburgh and its surroundings. The highest viewing deck is reached by a total of 287 steps (those who climb the steps can obtain a certificate commemorating the event). – from Wikipedia   Location: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK    


the Hulme Bridge

Two blocks down where I used to live in Manchester, there was this bridge, it’s called the Hulme Bridge. I always liked it style, and once when I was coming home, I saw the sun was setting behind it. It was a beautiful scene and I tried to capture its beauty with my camera. How do you like it? Location: Manchester, England, UK


Sky Highway

At the first sight, the photo “Sky Highway” is a simple shot looking up the sky. But if you look through it, you can see the zig-zag position of the birds in the sky, starting from the black triangle on the down right corner. It draws a line toward infinity, toward sky. What do you see in it?   Location: Brighton, England, UK


Black Cab on the Rail

An iconic British Black Cab (aka hackney or hackney carriage) on tram rails on a summer afternoon. I liked the lines. Reminded me of a way to go… Should I take a cab? or walk?   Location: Sheffield, England, UK   Prints are available to buy here.


the Cheesegrater Building, Sheffield

the Cheesegrater Building is one of my favorite buildings in Sheffield, and I wanted to photograph it for a long time! And a few days ago, I finally did it! on a warm sunny day! felt like real summer! which is not really common here in the UK!! A day with warm breeze! unbelievable, right? Anyway, I tried to make the most of it! walked around the city for about 5 hours and took a lot of photos while enjoying the sun! will post them soon. stay tuned! By the way, how do you like this one?   Location: Sheffield, England, […]